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IBM Senior Engineer Dr. Andrew Beiler Says “New Medical Device Will Raise The Bar Of Biotechnology As We Have Known It For The Past Decade”.

May 21, 2007




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May 22, 2007                                     501-588-1966



New Patented Auto-Dial To 9-1-1/GPS Tracking/Vital Signs Monitoring Medical Device “Insert Alert” In Second Phase Of Development.


NSAT Inc. announced today from Hot Springs, Ar that their patented medical alert device,



being developed by ASC Technologies of Glen Burnie, Md is now in its second phase of development.



The noninvasive device, which is worn as jewelry (necklace, wrist or ankle bracelet) was invented by NSAT’s president Rick London-Stetelman.


Power point presentations can be seen at .




London-Stetelman says, “We are now being approached by investors and persons interested in owning stock; but for now we are keeping it small and have no plans to take it public. Wewant to focus on developing a unique device that is top quality and for now we have just



the right team of creative and productive persons to make that happen. When the timecomes, we may sell some stock. For now, there is no need to.”


It is scheduled to be completed before then end of 2007.



IBM Senior engineer Dr. Andrew Beiler, PHD. who has been involved in many biotechnology and “government black projects” said of the device, “The Insert Alert will raise the bar of


biotechnology the way we have known it for the past decade.”





London-Stetelman says, “I greatly appreciate Dr. Beiler’s opinion of this project. I don’t know about raising any bars (sorry to sound like Chauncey Gardner in ‘Being There’) but, I do find it very exciting and interesting that a regular guy like me can make a difference. Of course it couldn’t be done without a phenomenal investment group and engineering team.


I am learning a lot, and one thing is that for an inventor to “look good” and “take credit”



a lot of other people are usually involved. Very good people. And I was fortunate that they evolved and became interested. I have learned about gratitude. If it saves just one life, I will be elated”



London says he does not have any idea of what the end product will look like, the weight, the cost, etc. is still being determined by R & D by ASC Technologies.


We are expected to have a better handle on all within the coming months,” says London-Stetelman.



And as soon as we know, we will let the media and medical community know as well.”





London-Stetelman is a native of Hattiesburg, Ms but resides in Hot Springs, Ar. I truly love Hot Springs. It is the ideal town for an inventor, artist, writer, or an involved in any creative entrepreneurialship and is supportive of such endeavors. I can’t remember experiencing that in too many other places I have lived.”





London-Stetelman knows creative projects. London is not actually his real namebut pen name “Rick London”. His mother’s maiden name was London and he saysit’s easier to remember when one works in the arts. I’m a writer who works with a team of artists to create a cartoon.





London’s offbeat single-panel cartoon, “Londons Times Cartoons” is one of themost popular cartoons on the Internet, featuring over 6000 cartoons and his website receives about 4000 hits per hour, nearly 8 million visitors since 2005. It was founded in 1997.



London returned to school Western Governor’s University at age 48 and majored in business with a focus on E-commerce.





He has founded and developed such sites as Londons Times Cartoon Superstore , Rick Londonwear, and the Internet’s first 24/7 365 including holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays nationwide flower delivery service Marianna’s SOS Flowers at


For more information write info@ricklondongroup or call 1-501-588-1966.